Greetings, eager young space cadets!

It seems that Aaron was able to revive the hamster & get it running around in its cage again, and thus restore the miracle of to the world once more.

“What in the hell have you been playing at?”, I hear you ask (that could be The Voices though: clear evidence that I didn't need that 8th coffee very much). Well as it's nigh on impossible to recount an entire month of my life in detail without creating a thicket of rope-like Proustian sentences, I'll give you the highpoints, and then endeavour not to drag behind too much in future.

For Easter Charlie and The Puzzler accompanied me on a trip to the South West, including staying at the Hotel Gleneagles in Torquay (which provided the initial inspiration for a particular legendary British sitcom set in a hotel… in Torquay), and finally getting to Stonehenge.

There's been a couple of gigs (Porcupine Tree, Hayseed Dixie, Comedy Store Players, an I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue recording, Royal Crown Revue, and Roger Waters), and a couple of morris dancing events.

I seem to have acquired a girlfriend, which is pretty cool. We went to Amsterdam the other weekend, which might warrant a separate post, depending on how long it takes to fix my PC.

Last weekend a bunch of us went on a fundraising treasure hunt in the pissing rain around London and wound up accumulating loads of photos of us doing silly things, plus a plastic bobby's helmet and a commemorative Princess Diana plate.

Other than all that, not a lot's happened really. My computer exploded in a screaming heap, but hopefully soon I'll have both the time and inclination to do something about it. By “soon”, I think I mean “Halley's Comet should be along any minute now”.

Owing to some changes that the government decided to impose upon we contracting types, I've had to set up my own company, so in just a few short weeks away from my blog console I've become a Company Director – might have to get a brass deskplate made up for that.

Jeez, what else?

Oh yeah, a few weeks back there was a world record attempt to get the largest coconut orchestra ever assembled together, courtesy of the cast & crew of Spamalot, which was probably one of the more surreal things that's happened in the last few weeks. As well as being part of a 5000-strong crowd doing something profoundly silly in the centre of one of the world's biggest cities, I was also lucky enough to clap eyes on Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones, bringing my Monty Python Team Member Sighting total for 2007 to 3.

OK that'll do for now.

Oh yeah, I'm quite aware that if you're looking at this in Internet Explorer then you won't be able to see the writing at the top of the page. Jus trust me – you're in the right place.

2007-05-16 : We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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