The blustery wind continues today, although possibly stronger today. There's some really knackered looking pigeons huddling on our window ledge up here on the 21st floor.

The place where I work has a new sort of mall-thing down the bottom – all new steel & marble & glass stuff, to contrast our fairly dirty 1963-built concrete monstrosity – and we've often commented on the amazing design. The mall area's sheltered by plate glass, however they've had to leave holes for wind, and if the wind's coming from a particular direction and it's raining then the rain just gets blown straight in which makes the marble ridiculously slippery and renders the whole glass roof thing a bit futile.

Today however the wind was coming from 90 degrees further around (we've already established I've got no sense of direction, so I can't tell you which compass point I'm now referring to), and there was an entirely new physics f*ckup to observe. The design of the buildings narrows the corridor from the outer entrance to the courtyard and this created an amazing windtunnel effect. To stop people from being blown around the building management company had a bunch of staff out in hi-vis parkas stopping people from going into that particular corridor. The funny bit was that the yellow people were getting blown all over the place as well. I wish I'd brought my camera in today.

About the only thing that could be funnier than that would be if it were raining and the wind was strong enough to propel hapless folk along strongly enough to start them aquaplaning across the marble.

Incidentally (but not relatedly), thanks to The Puzzler for the edits on yesterday's epic. He fought valiantly to turn a stream of bollards into a readable story, and I suspect he did a good job.

2007-01-19 : AA Milne would’ve been impressed
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