I was in one of the local supermarkets last night and spotted my first celebrity. By that, I mean it's the first time I've spotted one by myself, rather than having someone else point them out, and me look over and go “oh yeah”.

Not that spotting slebs is a particularly rare event around here, given the general colourfulness of the neighbourhood and concentration of media business around here – we're always seeing Jonathon Ross in Wagamamas, and Noel Fielding & Russell Brand easily redefine the concept of village idiot. Chris, Emma and James are always spotting indie musicians whose names and relevance escape me, although apparently once we had Robert Plant sitting on our front doorstep.

But my spot was much better – I saw Felicity Kendal.

I didn't try to speak to her, because I know all I would have been capable of was an Ade Edmonson voice going “Oooh, La de dah! I've got all of Felicity Kendal's underwear here, and it needs a GOOD WASH !”. And quite frankly, she deserves better than that.

She's pretty hot for a 60 year old.

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