2006-12-07 : There goes the sun, do doo doo doo

Timetable of events since arriving back:

Monday, 17:00: Totally disoriented by the fact it's pitch black outside.

19:00: Fell asleep while waiting for takeaway at Wagamamas.

Tuesday, 12:00: received SMS from baggage express company saying my suitcase would be returned by 17:30 at the latest.

1pm: Went to supermarket to buy 2 bayonet-fitting lightbulbs to replace blown globes in bathroom & passage.

18:15: Phoned Virgin Atlantic to find out where bag was.

18:20: Call back from Virgin to say that they'd tried to phone baggage express and gotten no answer, so they must be on a break. Reasserted that the bag would be there by 17:30. I pointed out that it was almost 18:30, and the reason they didn't answer was because they'd gone home. Asked for superviosr to phone me back.

18:45: Bag arrives with no word of explanation or apology from driver.

18:50: Went to Morrisons to exchange lightbulbs for correct fitting ones – despite BAYONET being the only real requirement, I'd cunningly picked up screwcap.

Wednesday, 09:00: Standing on platform at Camden Town station, but managed to get onto Southbound Bank train despite incredible crowding. Typically bemused that I'm experiencing intimate body contact with about 6 people, yet nobody's looking at each other let alone communicating.

09:05: Waiting on Victoria line platform for Southbound Tube.

09:45: Still waiting on Victoria line platform after about 8 fully packed trains have passed which I stood no chance at all of boarding.

09:50: Board a 73 bus to Victoria.

10:22: For no given reason, bus is taken out of service on Oxford Street. Luckily another bus is only minutes behind.

10:55: 73 bus arrives at Victoria Station. I'm in medical need of a caffiene drink.

11:01: Purchase a chai latte from place downstairs from work. Discover that their version of chai isn't so much spiced tea, as frothed milk mixed with flavour syrup. It's dire.

So in summary, the weather sucks, the chai's awful, customer service is nonexistant, and it took me as long to get from Camden to Victoria this morning as it did to get from Adelaide to Sydney. But other than that, it's great to be back !