2006-11-04 : There’s a chap who knows the art!

Photographing landscape and scenery is one skill which has always evaded my grasp. I'll give it a go, but it always ends up as being a washed out facsimile of what I'm actually looking at.

Or the shots come out flat & 2 dimensional.

Sometimes, with a bit of effort, they're not *that* bad.

So I'm truly awestruck when I stumble across someone who can really capture amazing moments, and quite often with cameras no better than mine. The Gringo has just such a gallery – I won't include any shots here, because I don't think my JPEG compression would do them justice. But if you've got time, get along and have a look.

Incidentally, this in no way belittles the ability of any of the other excellent photographers I know (and man do I wish Roods and Pat had online galleries…) – it's just Steve's landscape capturing made my head spin.