Turned up for the first morris practise of the season on Wednesday, and there was a new bloke there. The others started saying “Hey look, another Aussie !” (like we all know each other, or something). So we got chatting, and of course I asked where in Australia the dude's from. Adelaide.

2 things sprang to mind – firstly, what in the hell are you doing at morris dancing ? But then, I suppose the guys would've had an identical reaction when I showed up 2 years ago. And secondly, what are the chances of a random Adelaidean showing up with no connections to anyone familiar ? Well, the answer to that is “zero”, because it didn't take long to establish that he knew some of the Fullarton & Glen Osmond lads.

Hardly life changing stuff, but moderately interesting.

2006-09-14 : Crikey, what ya doin’ here, sport ?
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