Anybody who happened to be looking at Wikipedia on Monday would have seen this, but otherwise I thought it was worth mentioning: guess what Adelaidean peculiarity was listed as the Front Page Article for the 14th of August ?

Not Farmers Union Iced Coffee.

Not Coopers.

Not even the thoroughly detestable pie floater.

Nope, the world's eyes were cast over that marvel of transport engineering, the O-Bahn Busway. The story does make mention of the fact that it was first conceived in the town of Essen, Germany. Following the links through to the Guided Bus article, it turns out that there are now busways in Ipswich, Bradford, Leeds, Crawley and Edinburgh. Amusingly, kerb-guided busways are sometimes referred to as KGB's.

Another vaguely amusing notion (mentioned in the History section of the article) was that in 1978 the Dunstan Labor Government proposed an extension of the existing light rail system (Glenelg Tram) however that was dropped due to protestations from NIMBYs. The last paragraph of the article then goes on to say that as of 2001 plans for a Southern O-Bahn have been suspended due to cost, and instead the Labor Government is focussing on road upgrades, and extensions to the existing light rail system.

Ah well, at least that bloody stupid Southern Expressway didn't make it onto the front page.

2006-08-18 : Oooooooh, did anyone see that ??
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