Once again it's Tales of Despair for Humanity time:

While I was waiting to cross at the lights to get to Camden Town tube station on Friday morning, a roadworks guy set up 5 orange cones to cordon off the area he was about to operate his digger in, and then in the process of driving his digger into that area he ran over and totally mauled 4 of those 5 cones.

In the process of walking from Victoria tube station to work, a suited and I'm-extremely-important-looking bloke on a mobile phone walks into the wheely-suitcase I was dragging along behind me. He accusingly & abusively shouts at me to watch where I'm going, before indignantly storming off on his way. I look at my suitcase in the direct sunlight – it has a total surface area of about 22 square foot (at minimum its presenting surface area would have been 8 square feet), and it's fire-engine red. I would say that most people with a modicum of spatial awareness and alertness would probably see a thing like that, and had he remained in the vicinity I'd have conjectured that perhaps it was in fact he who should be watching where he was going. But then, I imagine he's one of the people I see daily who cross the road in front of moving double-decker buses and are then startled and outraged at the honking sound.

Bring back the hereditary rulership & nobility system – at least back then it was obvious how the country wound up being run by f*ckwits.

2006-07-18 : OK, who’s been pushing the buttons on the Stupid Machine again ?
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