2006-07-10 : I didn’t think the Senior Moments started this soon after turning 30.

So I've come in to work this morning and thought to myself “I know, I'll go to kickboxing class tonight – that'll be good !”, and brought in all the gear. There I am, happily tapping away at my keyboard, looking forward to an intense workout at the end of the day, when I get a Skype call from Trudy in Indonesia. Among other things, the question of “What are you up to ?” comes up, and so I start reeling off the list of gigs I've been to and have coming up. Somewhere in that list it occurs to me that I've got tickets to see Robert Plant at Somerset House… With some consternation & urgency I glance at my PC's date, and realise that the Plant gig is in fact TONIGHT !

So thanks are in order to Trudy – if she hadn't asked, I'd have finished a kickboxing class and found a series of missed calls on my mobile from Brian wondering where in the merry hell I, and his tickets, were.

I'm sure this episode only contributes to the confusion surrounding the effects of coffee on short term memory.