On tour in the Cotswolds at the minute with the Adelaide Morris Men. Having a bloody good time, what's more! On the weekend we went to Moulton and met & danced with the guys from Saddleworth, Thaxted, Huddersfield, Adderbury, & various other spots. There were some extremely cute girls about too, which is a litlle peripheraI to the story, but I thought I'd include it in case they somehow end up reading this.

Of all the things you don't think you're going to find yourself doing, hauling a May cart about a Northamptonshire village and watching bell ringers in a 14th century church are right up there.

This country rocks!

Oh yes, and amid last night's singalong, the people got to hear about MacArthur.

2006-05-23 : But the hero of our story was soon to help them out…
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