ARSE ! For the past couple of months I've been making a rubber band ball. The project was primarily prompted by a story on the BBC news site about posties getting stick for dropping rubber bands everywhere. Apparently Royal Mail uses 342 million rubber bands a year, and after a brief look around when I was walking to the tube station, it seems that they drop most of them on the ground outside peoples' houses.

So I've been picking them up and making them into a ball. My goal was to make one about the size of a human head. Why ? I don't know. It's been bordering on obsessive really, although I've never crossed the road to pick one up, and I don't walk up and down the streets of the neighbourhood looking for them. But if there's one there, I'll pick it up usually.

Here's a picture, placed next to a commonly found item to provide some idea of scale. It's not enormous, but for a part time hobby, it's coming along.

And all it took was one utterance from bastard housemate Paul… and now I face a horrible choice – take the opportunity to rapidly increase the size of my rubber band ball and abandon that which sparked the task, or stick with the principle of the thing and be stuck picking things up off the road for months to come ?

Then again, I could do both, I suppose.

By the way, I've turned comments back on. We'll see if those pr1cks have decided to stop trying to sell little blue wang tablets via my guestbook.

2006-03-26 : Moral dilemma
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