2006-03-09 : 1000 songs in your pocket. Amen.

According to Ananova Pope Benedict XVI likes to chill out after a hard day's blessing with a few tunes from his shiny new iPod Nano. But just the bog standard edition, mind you – not the diamond encrusted bling version.

I like the idea that the Vatican's Main Man, despite being well past typical VCR programming age, has brought himself into the 21st century… and it would be fun to sneak a look at his playlist. Apparently Her Majesty The Queen, President Bush, and Prime Minister Blair are also iPodders (in fact I think the Queen and the Pope are roughly the same age… not that it's relevant. Even if they are never seen in the same room at the same time… think about it !).

If I had my comments feature working I could probably call for suggestions as to what was on the Pope's playlist, although given some of the suggestions my learned colleagues have already made it's possibly a good job that it's not working after all. Wouldn't want to kick off a riot…

I hear His Holiness has his eye on a new Segway next.