2005-12-28 : Introducing…. my nephew !!!!

Finally, after much anticipation and plenty of impatient questioning by the Welsh tour crew, the moment has finally arrived. I'll copy in the email that Tim sent me, cos quite frankly I'm too excited to think of anything to say…

It is with immeasurable excitement, proudness and not to mention tiredness, that i'd like to announce at approx 1:45am this morning, Chels gave birth to little Flash (not his real name…TBC) at the Carlton Women's Hospital. Weighing in at a very modest 2.9kgs after a very smooth labour, his happy little face appeared and brought an overwhelming flood of light to our hearts immediately!

Chels was incredibly brave and came through with hardly a scratch, and i am completely in awe of her guts and determination. She and the little fella, after a good feed and finally getting to bed at 7am, are beautifully sound asleep next to each other.

I dearly look forward to introducing you to him, and If you would like to visit Chels in hospital please leave me a message on my mobile (after 3pm if possible) and I’ll let you know how she’s feeling.

Much love,
Tim & Chels & Flash

I'm an Uncle ! Chelsea's a Mum ! Tim's a Dad ! Mum's a Grandma and Dad's a Grandpa. Wow, that was a huge bunch of promotions.