During the process of putting away clothes and stuff from my Belgium trip (and yes, I KNOW it was 3 weeks ago… I've been busy!), I stumbled across the item pictured to the left. It's a pat of butter, purloined from the restaurant where Wazza and J grabbed a fairly pricey but nonetheless excellent dinner on Saturday night. I didn't take it because I feel I need more butter in my life, but rather because of the name printed on the top of it.

It strikes me that sometimes companies don't do a particularly large amount of research before naming their company or product – one only has to look at www.japander.com or www.engrish.com to see the pitfalls associated with trying to pick an english word to name one's own company from the far off safety of a foreign language. My long-suffering Economics teacher told our class a story about a mens' underpants manufacturer in China who nearly went to ruin due to the name they'd selected to sell their product under: Pansy. See Mrs Wee, I *was* listening.

What gets me is – why Nazareth ?! (Presumably it's named after the ancient town of Biblical importance, and not the Scottish rock bandflaming logo… nice !) I did some googling, and as far as I can tell, Nazareth (a town of about 60,000 people) isn't renowned for its world-class dairy goods.

In trying to find a connection between Nazareth and butter, all I could think of was the bit where Jesus was alleged to have fed four to five thousand people with 5 loaves of bread. I remember at the time Waz and I managed to spread both of our bread rolls from the same butter thingo. It was enough to go around, but it was well short of being worthy of incorporation into that story. For some reason I thought that happened at the Wedding in Cana, but when you think about it, who invites 4000 people to a wedding, and then under-caters by that sort of margin ? Come to it, who serves just bread & fish at a wedding… Sort of answers the question as to why only 12 turned up to the Last Supper.

Maybe they're trying to capture the market (back to the butter thing) for people who see miraculous visions on their toast ?

It's food for thought, anyway.

Speaking of thought… could this be the way forward for my website:

2005-11-19 : And so it came to pass, that everything became extremely greasy.
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