Sent a form off for my UK tax return the other week. It was the 3rd copy of the same form that I'd sent, so needless to say this has been dragging on a while now. In an effort to guarantee it didn't get lost (again) I sent it registered mail, at great expense to management.

That was on October 12th, and I haven't heard anything from them since. I wonder what's going on ? I'll bet they're trying to think up new & innovative ways of delaying my tax return and wasting my time, seeing as how I've now got proof that they've received all the forms they need.

In other customer service related whining, am having “fun” with my new bank – I set up 2 accounts, one of which was specifically to have all my direct debits for bills to come out of. I highlighted this at the point I applied for the account over the phone, and the ability to be able to set up direct debits was an absolute key requirement of the account. The guy assured me that this was the right account for the job.

Predictably, I'm now getting cutoff threats from mobile phone & internet companies because my direct debits have bounced, because guess what…? The type of account which I set up doesn't allow direct debits to be taken from it.

Sometimes I really wonder why I bother.

2005-11-04 : Certain: Death & Taxes. Uncertain: Tax Returns & Capable Bank Employees
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