I could have sworn that when I left work on Friday I had a nice quiet, relaxing weekend planned.

Friday was *supposed* to be popping out for a couple of beers with Ciaran to celebrate his birthday and his new job, however part way through the night I randomly ran into Andrea from my old job, and proceeded to push the needle over into the red part of the dial.

Saturday was meant to be a quiet BBQ and watching of the cricket at Lord Science's pad in Canary Wharf, however as the rain had stopped play this was dropped in favour of a game of Texas Hold'Em. Amusingly, Chris's mate's housemate had purchased a remote control robot from eBay, however in a misreading of the fine print it turned out that the robot only spoke German. We couldn't find the remote control anyway, so what we wound up with was an obstreperous German speaking robot which would shrug its shoulders and shout something indecipherable at you, then refuse to move. The poker game continued until the sensible hour of 4:30am, at which point we sensibly elected to take a minicab home.

And finally today – I was going to go in to work, however that was before the 5am bedtime manifested itself, so work was scarcely an option. At any rate, I had arranged to meet Wazza at The Lyric (being the BEST place for a pint of Guinness in this 'ere city!). What I didn't realise was that the reason why Wazza had popped back from Belgium for the day to go to the pub was in fact because the All Ireland Hurling Finals were on the telly. So I spent the afternoon in a packed pub full of loud Irish people, all shouting at a game I knew nothing about. As it turns out, Hurling's quite a cool sport in my opinion – it seems to be a delicate mix of lacrosse, Australian Rules Football, golf, and a straight up standup fight.

Following that, I popped up to Angel to grab a coffee with Annie, then polished off the evening with a bit of Chinese tucker with Craig and Kate.

Oh, and it appears that I've got a new flatmate organised – just got to sort out the particulars of that this week, but at least that's a load off my mind.

Mmm. So not the relaxing and productive weekend I was hoping for, but damn good fun nonetheless !

2005-09-12 : Might be time to replace my crystal ball.
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