Quite busy with work this week, as well as all the usual nonsense (tai chi, kickboxing, etc.) and sorting out bits & pieces on my computer. I really hate my P.O.S. laptop, but it's been downgraded to 'bearable' since I procured a 2nd monitor for it, as well as a new USB hub that has a power supply that doesn't buzz all the fricken time.

Right now I'm enjoying the fun and frivolity of trying to find a new housemate – Charlie's moving out with The Puzzler in about 3 weeks or so. One bloke came around to have a look yesterday, but by the cursory glance he gave it I don't think he was that interested. Another bloke rang up yesterday morning and arranged to come round at 5, and then didn't show up. I just don't get how inconsiderate people are around here ? If you couldn't make it for an appointment, wouldn't you ring the person and tell them ?

Anyway… Fun for Friday was going out for Paul, HC, Phil, Scott and Kim's combined birthday. Original plans for the evening were to hire out a battleship on the Thames, then were downgraded to going to the Pembroke Castle (a pub), but predictably nobody made it out of Lush – the bar across the road from the office.

Finding a good birthday present can often be a challenge, but given what I know about Paul, it was only really a matter of figuring out where to get one of these… and of course, the Internet once again did provide. If you don't recognise the object pictured to the left, then just don't worry for the minute. The classic bit was the presentation – I made him close his eyes and hold his hands out (which was met with a healthy measure of distrust and suspicion), and try to guess what it was. His first guess was a fairly sarcastic “Great, an ashtray”, before suddenly his fingertips feverishly worked over the object and a mixture of confusion and excitement played across his face.

“Is this the headpiece to the Staff of Ra !?”

So as far as I'm concerned, he got it in one. Glad to know that I'm not the only incurable film nerd around these parts…

2005-08-29 : They’re digging in the wrong place !