2005-07-27 : Another busy week

Am a bit cranky tonight – missed Tai Chi because the fecking Victoria Line was shut due to “Passenger action at King's Cross”. There was nothing about it on the BBC site, so there's every chance it was just someone sick on the train or something. Still, not v. happy. Plus, at the time when everyone was milling around wondering why the underground gates weren't open there was the unspoken assumption that there were more bombs. As it turned out, an hour later the line was running again, but by that time I'd walked half way across London and organised to go catch up with Richie anyway.

What else… Craig (Brooker) & Kate have turned up and are spending a few days staying with me – always good to see people from home, and to spend a bit of time with people you normally only see as part of a big group. We spent Sunday afternoon trekking all over London doing the tourist bit and trying to keep them awake until reasonable bedtime after arriving that morning.

I'm still convinced that you could gain access to our building with a library card.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Dublin for a couple of days for training for my new job. Yes, that's right – my first EVER work-related trip. How exciting ! Now I've just got to figure how the hell to get to Gatwick.

And finally, I never had much faith in the Australian record charts, however what few shreds of respect I ever had were blown asunder when I read that the bloody Crazy Frog has made his way to the top spot. Honestly, what's wrong with people ?! IT'S NOT FUNNY, AND IT'S NOT CLEVER! It's a stupid pointless novelty with all the musical merit of a busload of tone deaf stutterers doing Andrew Lloyd Webber karaoke.

That's all – got to go to bed now. Am participating in a week-long study by the British Cheese Board to prove that eating cheese just before bed doesn't give you weird dreams. Go Science !