I haven't really given this thing much attention of late… Ah well, you get that.

A couple of days ago I got a call from one of my favourite social sub-class members, an IT Recruitment Consultant. A handful of them are very very good at what they do, thorough, and conscientious (Jill, if you're reading this, that's you!). And the rest are scum sucking filth from Satan's gaping anus.

One of them caled me to discuss a position which required 3 years of solid UNIX administration experience, and asked if I had that. I suggested he scan read my CV and look for any job descriptions entitled “UNIX Sysadmin”. He replied that I had UNIX mentioned on my CV, and I said “That's because I'm a Developer, and some of the systems have been hosted on UNIX.”. This didn't seem to faze him, and he went on, “So… do you have 3 years of UNIX sysadmin experience ?”.

Rather than prolong the agony, I told him that no, this wasn't going to be the role for me. Then, in a blinding flash of salesmanship in an attempt to convince me to let my CV be put forward, he said “But the job's in Vienna !”. “Vienna ?”, I replied inquisitively.

“Yeah, Vienna… Italy !”, he excitedly confirmed.

Much as I'd like the opportunity to work in Vienna, Italy I had to turn him down, and thank him for his time.

I wonder if he has any relatives working at the bank ?

Finally, Dan and I were just putting a shelf up in Charlie's room, when there was a knock on the door from the woman who lives downstairs, complaining that the noise was keeping her children awake. I'm SO glad that Charlie answered the door and not me, or I'd have made some sarcastic comment about them maybe sleeping in tomorrow and not treating the entire apartment block to 4 hours of their screaming, which would make a polite change from EVERY OTHER DAY THIS WEEK…

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