…but I've got some photos of the alien podule plastic ant things !

The contents of this one weren't quite as good as the last 2 – beef in green peppercorn sauce… nope, can take or leave that I think.

Speaking of cuisine, however, tonight I went to a Vietnamese Cookery Class put on by my work's Social Club. Interesting concept, as I only knew one other person there, and the level of socialising seemed to function at a minimum (nothing like the old Firday night efforts back with Aspect, such as the Daiquiri Festival).

I left the cooking class feeling quite amazing and freshly-world-conquering, however on the bus home it occurred to me that what we'd really learned was 2 stir fry recipes (and let's face it, I'm not the world's *greatest* cook, but I've certainly reached that level where it's nigh on impossible for me to cock up a stir fry !), how to make Vietnamese Cold Rolls (they're extremely yummy, but it's barely rocket surgery), and how to make Tom Yum soup. Don't get me wrong – it was a lot of fun, and I thought the chef we learned from was a top bloke. For starters, his personal knife set were Furi knives (of which I have a distressingly blunt set back in Adelaide). And the Tom Yum soup recipe was interesting and tasted great… but I think I'd have liked to come away with a few more tips/tricks.

One other thing about it that was WAY cool was the wok burner they had there – the upper part of it was water-cooled, and overall it looked like a big vertically mounted jet engine. It so reminded me of the jet engine powered beer cooler I read about online some years ago. Go Science !

Bedtime now – gotta make sure I'm not too tired for tomorrow night!! I'm not sure I need go into too much detail about what I've got planned…

2005-05-19 : It’s not exactly the Loch Ness Monster or anything…
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