The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I'm intending to turn off the road before it gets to hell and pop in at a nice little bar where Charlie's having her farewell drinks tonight (yeah, who knew – the road to hell passes through Camden !).

However I thought I'd mention that I got my shit *partially* together this week and uploaded some photos into my photo gallery. There's shots from the totally awesome BBQ I had at Mum & Dad's during my trip back, as well as some piccies from Marty & my brief sojourn to Canberra to see Patrick, Jules and Kat. As always, you can get to them by clicking on the 'Photos' link on the menu bar.

I reckon I must be in the calm point between two metaphorical storms, because apart from subjecting myself to a kickboxing class last night (the ridiculous things we put ourselves through !) and consequently being barely able to move today, not a merry hell of a lot has happened for me lately.

Don't worry, I'm sure regular service will resume shortly.

2005-04-23 : Dust… wind… DUDE !
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