Firstly, no photos with this post – my stoopid camera battery went flat on the way out to Clare. I guess it's to be expected – it copped a bit orf a hammering at the wedding after all. Incidentally, the wedding photos are now available for viewing in my Photo Gallery, in case none of you have anything else you're *meant* to be doing (not that I'd accuse my contemporaries of goofing off at work, or anything…).

So on Monday afternoon I popped up to the lovely wine region of Clare – about 1.5hrs North of Adelaide (actually, it was about 2.5 hours, because I kept getting trapped behind all these arseclowns who seemed mortally afraid of getting within doulbe figures of the speed limit) – to catch up with El Presidente, the Gringo, Steve Brown. It's so cool to see everyone again – I'm not sure if I made that point already. I think the concept was that I was going to catch up with a buncha other folks whilst up there, but because we got kinda busy back at Tim & Chelsea's place that afternoon unwrapping wedding presents I was running a bit behind time. No suprises there.

Tuesday morning should have represented a fairly swift run back, however again the road was replete with quarterwits, and additionally I got stuck behind a disturbing number of grape trucks. Made it back to The Historian for lunch with Marty, Spiro, Big Dave, Winnie, Pat, and Pat's friend Jenny who had randomly turned up… and I was only half an hour late!

It seemed silly not to take advantage of the excellent weather, so Spiro and I mosied down to the Griffen's Head for a quick pint (the Griff used to be one of my all time favourite pubs, but then it got bought by some big weird company and they put in all this pink neon. It totally sucks now, although it's bearable during the day as the neon's not switched on), and then headed down the other end of town to Worldsend to meet Winnie for a pint.

One of the things that's confusing me a bit about being back is these dinky little pint glasses… About 4 mouthfuls and it's away !

Anyhow, we parked out the front of Worldsend for a while, and after seeing Lynn and Ryan and randomly running into Ange I headed up to Magill to James and Karen's place. Got a pleasant surprise when I found that Lou, Tara and Nick were there as well, which was well cool as they were mainly the ones I'd missed the previous afternoon at Browny's place. Still haven't seen Jon, Leanne and Lucy, but hopefully I'll be able to fit them in before heading off.

Finally I shot back down to The Sussex to see DB, Nick, Kelly, TimO, Bec, Jack, and I really hope I haven't forgotten anyone. Well, so much for Adelaide not changing (as everyone's always very quick to tell me) – The Sussex has changed management since I left, and has been totally refurbished. I barely recognised the place !? It's always a bit weird when you go to a pub you've visited practically every week for 5 or 6 years and suddenly don't recognise it.

Mmm, so anyway, that was good.

Actually at this point it strikes me that I don't have anything particularly to say – this post is more for my benefit to try to remember what it is I've been doing this week !!

Oh yeah, and then there was that fun thing of getting home and firing up the email and MSN and found my work colleagues all online and ready to chat. This time difference is a bit of a killer, and whilst it was excellent to be able to chat with them, I possibly could have done with a night earlier than 3:30am. That's probably a self-control issue though.

Righto, over & out for now.

2005-03-30 : Time flies, etc.
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