2005-03-18 : Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s UNDIES !

G'day thrillseekers ! I've decided that I'm too tired to write a blog post tonight, having just gotten in from a thoroughly knackering session of Roller Disco (just don't ask), so I thought I'd turn the keyboard over to my learned colleague Andres, because he had a fairly bizarre day yesterday. So here's a few words from the man himself:

i was talking to b2 and he turned reound to me and then asked what do i do apart from look for work and drink… at the time i said look for more work to keep drinking but after the next thing i'm about to say well…

welcome to a day in the life of UNDIES – it all started with me getting up around 6 am to get into town for a medical trial, well i sat there for over 5 hours having tests done on me to then be told that i couldn't continue because of my asthma…

so i left this place feeling kind of down i went across the road to an agency that deals with landscaping to register myself, well they turned round and told me that if i want some work they'll call me in the afternoon. so i decieded to walk i ended up walking from london bridge to trafalga square where i found my bus to take me home…

i then jumped on the bus and fell asleep, well little did i reliese that i court the bus in the wrong direction for over a hour when i woke up i found myself somewhere that i'd never been before, so i stayed on the bus for another hour and a half to get home, i'm great at waisting time…

i got back to Camden town when i called humpy to ask him if i could grab his key to get in the flat he informed me that he was in a meeting, so with nothing to do i did the thing i know best go and have a beer….

well the next set of events really pleased me…

this girl approached me in camden high street asking me if i wanted to be in a kellogs add, i though it was a bloody joke, so i had my photo taken and they said they'll be in touch.

well i went to a pub that i used to work in where i recieved a phone call telling me that i have work tomorrow on a construction site and if i don't have boots can i go and buy some. so as i walk down the street feeling pretty happy with myself i recieved another call, this one was from the kellogs add people asking if i could come in to meet the director.. wow

well i didn;t end up going to have a pint and while i was sitting there i thought to myself i'll send a txt to a girl whom i am chasing round london at the moment, because she wasn't interested so i thought. well i ended up having a decent chat with her as well.

this days getting better and better

i got home to find that humpy's still not made it back and i ran into to our local drug dealler, he's this guy that looks 16 but is actully 22 selling pot to 6 of the other tennents in the building… so after i skabbed a few drags i was waisted, humpy turned up and began to tell the story again

the moral of my story – it's still don't eat yellow snow… what a great day


  • i lost a job
  • i got 2 jobs
  • won the girl (i hope)
  • had a drink and got waisted

you couldn't ask for a better out come really