I'll post up the housewarming photos after all necessary edits and exclusions have been approved through the official channels, etc. etc. (i.e. I was perfectly happy to put them all online, however have elected not to in favour of having my workmates ever speak to me again).

But instead, I thought I'd share this gem which I spotted whilst disengaging from the shower this morning (don't spend too long on that, please).

The warning label on the back of my deoderant spray says – as you can clearly see in the picture – “Extremely Flammable”. I know we're all aware that the compressed hydrocarbons used to propel the spray can be flammable, and probably in the case of deoderant there's a volatile component to the liquid to make it evaporate. But it totally hadn't occurred to me to even *try* the James Bond Instant Flamethrower trick with this stuff until I read EXTREMELY flammable ! It was almost like advertising that this particular brand of armpit spray is far more suited to the task ?

If my brother's wedding photos end up featuring me with no eyebrows, you'll all know it went horribly wrong.

2005-03-15 : You *want* ti to be photos, don’t you ? But it isn’t !!
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