Wow, who would have thought ? I must be turning British – I'm about to write my second blog entry about *weather* ! What's next ? A dissertation of optimum underground routes from Baker Street to Wimbledon ?

Anyway, as previously reported, we've had a spot of snow in ole Londonny Town, and initially I was excited at the concept of ice falling out of the sky, followed by being totally over it 2 days later. Well today I looked out the front door and was greeted with this:

So yeah, it's back to being exciting again. Look at it all! Fluffy, white, cold melty stuff. Yay.

Not exactly 3 feet thick or anything, but still enough to pick up and throw around. And I thought it was kinda cool to be able to see where the pigeons had been.

Aside from that, the only other photo I have to share today is of my beautiful espresso machine.

Right, it's Friday afternoon – beer o' clock !! I'm outta here.

2005-03-05 : Dashing through the … slush.
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