Sorry about the somewhat irrelevant title to this post – I just got it in my inbox as one of those relentless tide of spam messages. Just makes you wonder what these marketers perceive as a woman's idea of a good time… Bronchitis landmark ?

ANYWAY, New Year's Eve, eh ? I've got to say, I had a damn good one ! Charlie, Dan, Steve and I went over to Bristol. I don't know much about the place (even now I've been there), except that its name is the cockney rhyming slang word for breasts.

The image above was a kind of important ingredient for the evening – whilst doing our last minute supply dash we discovered that Sainsbury's stocks Little Creatures !? That's bloody good news, in my book !

So anyway, we went to Bristol, to Charlie's friend Clair's place, and it was a crackingly good evening – great food, nice people, and lots of talking bollocks. The discussion about Rosco's Cisco Crisco Moscow Disco springs to mind. As far as New Year's Eves go, it was really really cool. It seemed a world away (I suppose realistically though it WAS a world away) from our Entertainment Team session at the Adelaide Jamboree, only 12 months ago. In fact, if you'd suggested to me 12 months ago that I'd be spending next NYE in Bristol, I'd probably have told you you were full of a certain organic compound.

I can't say I felt 100% excellent on the morning of the 1st of January… I suspect that this was in part due to the discovery of… MIGHTY BEER !

Of course, having bought such an impressive beverage on the way up, it seemed only proper to get a snack of the same magnitude.

Or perhaps not.

So big thanks to Steve for driving, Clair and The Puzzler for cooking, Charlie for the invite, and Alex + whoever's house it was that Steve & I wandered along to at about 2am and joined their party for a while.

2005-01-02 : This is what your girlfriend desires, don’t make her wait! bronchitis landmark
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