Wow, surreal day.

I bought some Blu-tack the other day, and noticed an important difference (it's the little differences that mean so much) between the English way and the Australian way: ours comes in a long narrow pack, with about 5 or 6 long strips of the stuff. Here you get a short, squat pack, with one big rectangular slab of it. I reckon if a seagull tried to walk across a slab of blutack like this it would be irretrieveably trapped. Unfortunately I couldn't find a seagull, or any other type of willing watergoing bird, so you'll have to put up with just a photo of the stuff.

So anyway I don't know what to say about tonight, but that it was weird. Not exceptionally weird… just weird. I went to choir practise, didn't recognise anyone there (I'd only been there once before) and nearly left, then met someone from Adelaide who's in the choir and who I didn't know (anyone know a reasonably cute Sharon who lives over here ?).

The night concluded with having Futures Markets explained to me by a gay French finance analyst who bore a striking resembalnce to Matthew Broderick in allrespects except height. Following that I bought a kebab that apparently came complete with a free philosophy lecture from the bloke behind the counter. Let me tell you, in the time it takes to make a kebab, you can hear an awful lot of shite philosophy. Maybe that's why The Falafel House in Rundle Street's so popular – they're so busy making yiros that they don't have time to tell you stuff. This bloke was wasted, I tell ya. He'd be much better suited to cab driving.

Finally, I was blog-surfing, and stumbled across this cool photo of the bloke who lives across the road from my parents. I realise context is everything, and that there's probably stacks of dumb pictures of me online too… but this was too good to ignore. Adrian, this one's for you !

Oh yes, and I've added some more stuff to my photo gallery too – Frankfurty stuff and the chicken shops. AND I figured out how to order them newest first. Still haven't got the Windsor shots organised though.

2004-10-27 : Hapiness is a tin of smurfs
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