Yes, I'm just that busy (n.b. this may make no sense to non-Australian audiences… and in a rare first, probably not much to Australian audiences either, but anyway). I've been pretty flat out at work today and haven't had a chance to put up the wondrous stuff about my wacky trip to Frankfurt on the weekend… but that's OK, because so far I haven't done anything of note anyway this week (except going for a beer with Charlie – delightful as it was, there's just not that much of a story !).

One thing that happened in Frankfurt – or more pointedly, one thing that I *caused* – was that I lost my mobile phone. On the up side, it's the first mobile I've ever lost (making me equal with Marty on one all). On the downside, it means I haven't got anyone's phone number any more. So yes, until I say otherwise there's not much point in trying to phone or SMS me at the minute.

I had a rockin time in Frankfurt though, and I can't wait to get the photos organised and online soon ! It was truly a tale of mislocation, underwear acquisition, beer, flatulence, and much puerile levity. Bet ya can't wait, huh ?

2004-10-20 : If I was a fly, my posterior would be a sort of blue colour.
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