2004-10-08 : Oops, forgot a bit !!

Couple more things – firstly Happy Birthday Tim, cos y'know… it's his birthday and all. As a special present I was almost tempted to link to that arse photo again, but I think the world can do without.

Secondly, I've had a few emails from people discussing Billy Connolly's recent headlines… Now having read a couple of stories, and then going by the phrasing of the questions I've been asked, it seems very much that this is one of those cases where a couple of people took offence, told their friends, and somehow it spiraled out of control and now everyone's suddenly got an opinion on something they didn't actually see. Having been seated about 8 rows from Billy when he made the remark, I've got to say – he wasn't using the topic to make a cheap joke. As anyone who's seen him live will attest, he actually tells very few jokes – it's more about him talking about his life & experiences, and what he thinks about what's going on at the time. The context of his comment “they should just get on with it” was relating to the fact that the media seems to be saturated with this story at the moment, and by the media placing all this attention on the case it really places the government – and a good proportion of the people – in a difficult position. Effectively, we're sick of hearing about how terrible it all is, which I'd say is a pretty accurate statement. Sure it's not the most politically correct thing to say given the present climate, but then Billy Connolly has never particularly been known for his adherence to the panderings of the moment. He had a thing or two to say about fox hunting as well that night, but you didn't see THAT splashed all over the world's press the following week, did you ?

Excuse me while I just put my soapbox away. Wow, having your own website is COOL !

Lastly (and *absolutely* unrelatedly), I received a couple of photos in email today that I'd hoped to put online about a month and a half ago. Sorta takes a bit of the relevance out of it to be this far behind the 8 ball, but here we go…

Andrew and Sarah have (fairly recently) had another brand new baby (ok, so back in August)! Her name's Isobelle, and I'm doing a really bad job of this, because the actual email that Andrew sent out at the time is on my laptop hard drive, which of course I can't get to.

Umm, but yeah. I remember her name, and that's pretty good for me! So yes, the Fewster Clan grows by 1. Not entirely sure how Andrew's gonna go being surrounded by all those girls, but I'm sure he'll manage.