2004-09-16 : 5 minutes til curtain Mr Jason !

Aaaaaah, the cavalcade of f*ckups continues (that fairy must be back around here someplace !?). Not that I want to spend EVERY web page entry complaining about it… although I'm gonna :)

Naaaaaaaaah, can't be bothered. I *will* however remind my legions of adoring readers (i.e. BOTH of you) about International Talk Like A Pirate Day, which is coming up on Sept 19th. Be sure to say plenty of piratey things like “AVAST !” and “Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” on Friday, and the world will be instantly wonderful. And to distract everyone from the fact that our traditional view of Piracy is based in the Caribbean – a place currently being devastated by freak meteorological conditions – please enjoy this whimsical picture of a pirate's computer keyboard.

In other news, the Customer Relations Team from my notebook manufacturer (predictably) didn't phone back today.

My shiny (although not actually SHINY) new mp3 player arrived today. How exciting ! Now I can have something to listen to on the tube. It seems to have a pretty strong following on line, and it looks like there's some good stuff I can add-on to it with, so we'll see, eh ? At the minute the file transfer seems to be taking a veeeeeeery long time, but maybe that's cos this computer only has USB1.1 rather than 2.0.