2004-09-04 : A quick tale of some fun on a schoolnight.

I won't go on for too long at this point, because I'm using Richie's (spare) laptop and I know how he thinks that updating one's weblog is an unhealthy and unclean deed.

Went out the other night under the pretense of a pool night, however as it turned out there wasn't an available pool table anywhere in Shoreditch (or at least, the 2 parts of it we could be arsed trying…).

Side note: I've got to say, I thought it was a pretty dodgy part of town, but it's apparently rather trendy. Oli's explanation for this is that shite is this season's black – so called “newly trendy” areas all seem to be a bit rough. Reminds me a bit of Brompton back in Adelaide I guess. Maybe it's because really rich people buy up a whole lot of real estate in really dodgy places, then get their media buddies on to promoting the area as “up and coming”, and then of course the people all roll in to see what the fuss is about, and bingo – the place is trendy and the properties all get really expensive !

But that's got nothing to do with playing pool, really.

Actually, the point I wanted to make with this post was a bit of ridicule pointed in Dr Rob's direction – as we were driving along trying to find a place to park (an absolute nightmare proposition!), Rob saw a particularly attractive female waiting at the crossing, and registered his appreciation to Oli and I. Evidently the cab driver in front was registering something also, because the next thing we heard was the unmistakable “tinklethud” of one vehicle colliding with another. The girl's head whipped around to see what had happened, and it became suddenly obvious that the object of Rob's enthusiasm was in fact a guy. Now THAT's comedy.

So, things are puttering along happily for the mostpart (apart from that bloody laptop !) – I'm going to see They Might Be Giants next Thursday night… should be getting my first paycheck this week… looks like I might (finally !) have a house to move into soon… got a ticket to go see Billy Connolly at the end of September… yep, on the whole it's all pretty good.

Oh yes, that's another thing – I found (thanks to Fi) the website for the webcams at the Royal Adelaide Show, so if anyone happens to pop along there this week during the evening, changes are I'll be at work at that time, so send me an SMS and then I can check the website and see you waving at me. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee !