Not much to report, but as anyone who knows me will attest, that's never stopped me from reporting it before !

Tonight I'm moving into “my own place”; graduating from being a couch dweller at last ! Mind you, this arrangement's only for a couple of weeks, but it's a start. I'm still checking out houses/flats/whatever, and hopefully will secure a lease soon.

Last night I went & stayed at a hostel – Scouty people back home might be interested to know that it was Baden-Powell house. In reality there wasn't much to it other than a fairly underpopulated hostel arrangement, and I had a whole dorm room to myself. I'm sure there are plenty of more interesting Scouty locations to visit, but I needed a place to stay for the evening… yeah, whatever.

On Saturday night I went out to a place called Kenwood Park (I don't know where it is really, or what its significance is) to see Classic FM Live – Music from The Movies, with Charlie, Paul the Dodgy Aussie, Anna and Evelyn. It was a really cool outdoor concert thingo with a programme packed with movie theme songs. The weather remained great, and it was a totally awesome night, I'd have to say.

This weekend I'll be heading over to Windsor to catch up with my friend Catrin who I haven't seen for a number of years. It's always good to get an unexpected phonecall from someone popping up out of your past. I can't wait to see her, and as well as catching up we're most likely going to have a look at the little castle they've got there (known by the locals as Windsor Castle). I've not been to any English Castles yet – only Scottish ones – so I guess I'll see if there's any obvious differences (to my highly architecturally trained eye).

I've added some more stuff into my website again – I've set up a “Latest News” page, which contains news headlines drawn from a variety of sources every few hours. It's not quite finished yet, and doesn't look 100% right, but it's a start. I've also bolted on a couple of clocks, primarily because I'm hopeless at remembering what the time difference is between here and home. Not sure how they'll go – if they're turning out to be too much of a drain on resources, I'll get rid of them.

I also got around to uploading some more photos, although they're possibly not *the* most gripping shots I've ever taken… but anyway, there's a misty evening on Elgin Avenue (featuring some blurry phots where I couldn't keep the camera still enough, and some with blurry lines through where I had long exposure set and a car drove through), and a couple of pictures of where I work, as well as some stuff around the area.

And finally, I'm excited to report that I found an unexpected surprise at our local Oddbins the other night – THEY'VE GOT LITTLE CREATURES ! Aaaaah, bliss… That was a particularly welcome sight, and I had little choice but to grab some and go home & share them with Richie and Ciaran. Next target is to get some Coopers' Pale. I know where to get it, it's just that when I went there on Friday night to pick some up I learned that there's no such thing as late-night shopping in the city on Fridays. I mean, REALLY. This city is meant to be one of the world's most advanced places… ah well.

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