Elite Horsham rock outfit “Attack of the Clowns” are having their final gig on August 28th, and I wouldn't be much of a diehard devotee if I didn't mention it here !

AotC have rocked Horsham before, and once or twice I've even been there to witness it (in between supporting the local economy and playing games of L-shaped pool…), so if you want to get along to be part of this historical occasion – and trust me, if I weren't on this side of the planet I'd be over there like a shot – then… I don't know… go to The Vic on August 28th.

Incidentally, I've got no idea where The Vic is, but it can't be THAT hard to find. Somewhere in Horsham I suppose.

Local icon and preserved moose Patrick Baggoley had this to say: “Yes, as our guitarist Russ has decided to leave the glitz and glamour of the Horsham pub rock scene for khakier pastures with the army, the Clowns are going to call it a night at The Vic Hotel in Horsham (opposite May Park, near KFC) on Saturday, August 28. I'll let you decide it the tragic part is that we have *only* one gig left or if it is that someone has agreed to book us one more time…”.

2004-08-06 : Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the most punctual band in the world:
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