2004-05-28 : Bout fricken time…

After spending nearly all day farting about with it, I *finally* got my photo gallery working properly again.

I have to say, God Damn I Hate Computers.

I wrestled with various error messages and options for a couple of hours, before throwing in the towel and deciding to find a different bit of software to do the job. I found something which was actually really really good, and tested it on my laptop, and decided that despite its limitations, it would be really cool to swap over to it. I then painstakingly uploaded all the scripts to my hosting environment, only to find that the damn thing absolutely refused to even look like working.

So I went back to the current setup, looked at it for a minute, changed about 6 characters in one of the scripts, and it works like a bought one !

Damn computers…

ANYWAY, there's some sightseeing photos, some morris dancing photos, and a bunch of pictures of Kerri and Roie from my trip to Brighton.