So this weekend was the Easter of the Wedding. Rather than hiding chocolate eggs, or sleeping in some bizarre location on a hike team, I spent this year's Easter at weddings for 2 of my favourite girls – Lineke and Athalie. I don't usually get all gushy at the idea of describing weddings, but maybe this weekend touched me a little more than usual.

The Saturday was the wedding of Lynn and Ryan, and it was an absolutely awesome day. It was at the church that Lynn went to when she was a kid, and it was just as well it was an indoor gig, because it was pretty ugly in a meteorological sense. The wedding however was nice… the priest screwed a couple of things up, and there was a bit of nifty footwork done regarding the wedding rings, but yeah – all good.

Lynn and Ryan had asked me to do a reading, which was more appropriate than having me appear as a bridesmaid so I was told, so I was extremely excited to be involved in the wedding of someone who I've been so close friends with for a long time now. One of the things about Lynn & Ryan is that Lynn's not lived in Adelaide for quite a few years now, and Ryan never really has, so a lot of the guests didn't know a lot of the Adelaide people. The point to that was that apparently after I'd done my reading (which evidently, I must have really nailed !) one of the people in the church said to the person next to them “Who's that guy ?”, and they responded “Not sure – I think he's an actor ?”.

Daniel & Fiona @ I moved on to the Robin Hood for a restorative pint, which was awesome because I've barely had a chance to talk to them lately. We then all headed in to the St Pauls reception centre (itself a converted old church) for one hell of a fun night.

Never ones to stick with tradition, instead of a guests' signature board they'd arranged a silver tray and an engraver, so you effectively had to engrave your name. Aside from the technique issues this presented me with, it was also a bloody loud thing to have going in the corner. Every time I heard it fire up, all I could think of were tattoo parlors and dentists' surgeries.

Within minutes of arriving I was accosted by someone who said “Are you Bill's son ?”, and succumbed once again to The Adelaide Effect – a friend of Lynn's parents had taught with Dad back at Morialta all those long years ago. Nice guy, mind you.

The speeches were all pretty darn good, and Lynn cracked me up with the opening to her speech, which went along the lines of “Traditionally at this point the groom gives a speech, and I looked at Ryan and thought 'Well, that's not going to work !”. Ryan *did* give an excellent speech though, encapsulating a quick history of how they met and how he was captivated by this beautiful, intelligent and classy woman. I'd have to say that there were probably no more appropriate words ever spoken on Lynn's behalf, either.

There were plenty of old Adelaide choir people there that I knew, and a few interstaters who I'd heard much about and was pleased to have the chance to finally meet!

As Lynn & Ryan departed, there was time for a heartfelt rendition of “Laudate”, before they disappeared off into the ummm… night ?

Though Lynn would probably discourage me from saying so, on my first meeting of her brother (also named Ryan), I'd have to say he looked a little like a hybrid of Ben Affleck and Kieran Perkins, although I can't provide any photographic evidence to substantiate my claim, I did have Brian's agreement on this.

It was an awesome day, and I wish them much happiness in married life, and I only wish I could make it to the USA to be in their July wedding as well.

Actually, I think I might leave the narrative of Athalie's wedding for another post, because this one's getting pretty long.

Stay tuned…!

2004-04-13 : Those chicks in the white dresses are pretty cute !!
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