Just a short note this time – on Sunday I swapped the numberplates on my car over ready to sell it to Mike.

Weird feeling. Sort of “end of an era” type stuff.

I guess some of the strangeness came from the fact I've never sold a car before. The Datsun died a horrific death while I was away in the USA in 1996. The Mercedes was only on loan to me until Dad decided to sell it. And the Laser was rendered unsaleable by rust in the chassis. So yes, finally I get to sell one.

An update on the fish situation as well – we're not really sure what happened in there… maybe there was a planned ambush, or maybe the angelfish just didn't feel ready to be parents. Anyway, all of the eggs have disappeared off the leaf, and I'm guessing by now that they've all turned into fish poo.

Looks like I won't be an uncle after all.

2004-04-06 : Ch.. ch… changes!
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