How exciting! The whisper of spring must have just made it into the fishtank at home (albeit somewhat late), because Mike was excited to point out last night – he's gonna be a daddy! Well, after a fashion, anyway.

It appears that 2 of the Angelfish have got the horn and dumped a load of eggs on a leaf right in the middle of the tank… I've gotta say, I don't usually get that interested in the fish, but last night I watched them for about 20 minutes.

It was fairly obvious which ones were the parents, as they were hovering protectively around the leaf as the Tetras nipped in and tried to gobble a big juicy egg from time to time. I don't think the catfish have even noticed, nor do they appear to care less – they just swim around the gravel, sweeping back and forth with those creepy looking whisker things they've got.

So I guess I'm gonna be an uncle soon ! Mike says the gestation period is somewhere between 2 and 6 weeks (nice guess, numbnuts), so it depends on how long the parents sustain their vigilance as to how many of the little buggers hatch.

I've gotta say, upon being told the news I instantly thought of cranking up some Barry White on the stereo to see if we could get any of the others in the mood… But I guess ya don't want to watch fish going for it, do ya ?

2004-04-01 : This tank feels right for lovin’
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