The thing about “moving house” is that the first word in the phrase is a verb, implying action. The chief difference between that, and the task I performed on the weekend (or more correctly, FAILED to perform) was to take part in any action.

It came as quite a shock to somebody as practised at moving as me (lord knows I've done enough of it – since 1999 I've lived in Kensington, Burnside, Dulwich, Mawson Lakes, Torrens Park and Clarence Park) that I would completely overlook the fact that I should organise people to assist with the moving process. But there ya go, eh ?

One thing I did manage to accomplish in spades was the mass disposal of years and years worth of accumulated crap. One thing that astounded me was how much of it there was, even bearing in mind the ruthless culling that has taken place subsequent to every previous move. Normally an INTELLIGENT person would perform the cull *before* moving, leaving them with less to shift, but I do things a little differently.

I got rid of about 200 audio tapes, around 100 data CDs, almost a drawer full of photos, a box full of old letters – some dating back to when I was in Year 10, and most of which haven't seen light of day since – about 20 ties, and an astounding number of folders full of notes from TAFE lectures. And enough computer parts and PCB to make a Greenie cry.

Not a hell of a lot of actual moving took place though – I think I hauled 3 suitcases of clothes and a few blankets over to Mum & Dad's, but that's about it.

It's really tough throwing many of these things out, because I've acquired them for a reason – be it because someone gave it to me, or because I wanted it… I don't know, it's just that though I don't look at them v. often, each of the items (photo's and letters) has many memories associated with them.

Ah, whatever. Most of it's probably blowing around at the dump by now. I'm not sure why I'm getting emotional about such things – it's eaither recognition of the passing of time, or possibly a side effect of the paint fumes wafting in from the office next door.

2004-03-29 : Separation Anxiety
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