2004-03-26 : Beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Oh rapturous day – I'm almost convinced that we can describe Adelaide as a city now!

This is an ongoing discussion between the residents of the place, and pretty much everyone outside of that group. Those wot lives here says it's a city, and pretty much everyone else says its a town. After visiting places like Melbourne & Perth, I'd have to say I have a similar perception.

However, this morning on my way to work, I spotted something which gives me hope ! Sadly I couldn't find my camera quickly enough (concentrating on driving, and all…), so a description will have to do.

There was a van in traffic this morning with the words “Pork Storks” written fairly prominently on its side. The tagline was “Delivering Pork Breeding Excellence to Australia”. Surely we must be a city if we've got enough people here to sustain a business like THAT !?

All we need now is an all night taxidermist, and we're home & hosed !