All of a sudden I feel like I'm running a slide night…? Nevermind, here goes:

The airplane which I flew from Brisbane to Hevey Bay in. I don't mind *small* aircraft, and big ones are fine too. But this intermediary size really weirds me out to be on!

Upon catching up with Jamie, the first thing he wanted to show me was a photo in the paper of one of the local jornalists. The point of all that was that he looks the spitting image of Duncan Fletcher. So, any Gang Show folks out there, you be the judge:

Next cab off the rank is the SHARK PLACE ! I remember as a kid begging my parents to take me to this when we were up there, however this time it seems a lot less appealing. I'm sure they had a lot of interesting things to say about sharks though.

Every night at about 5pm in Hervey Bay, a massive cloud of flying shapes moves overhead, and many people mistake them for birds. They are in fact bats, and I believe that the movement is over to nearby Fraser Island, to feed. During the day however, they roost in a bunch of trees. It's not a very good photo, but you can just make out the black shapes. It was quite an incredible sound they made too. Not sure WHY they were making the sound, because they were all meant to be asleep. Maybe bats snore ?

I'm not typically one to photograph amusing signs, but this was intriguing.

OK, better include a couple of wedding photos (which are all in the Photo Gallery, by the way…).

Here's the incredibly dishy groomsmen. Note that we're wearing almost completely black, and it was about 8,000,000 degrees in that church.

And of course, the happy couple.

2004-03-04 : The piccies from the land of queens.
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