It's finally happened – Save Ferris t-shirt number 4 has bitten the big one.

Whilst changing tshirts after this morning's inaugural bike ride to work (that's a whole different story, which I'm not recounting here on the grounds that it's too damn embarrassing !!), the neck/shoulder region of the shirt finally gave way. In fact, this is identical to the circumstances in which Save Ferris t-shirt number 3 left us…

I do hope this new one from CafePress arrives here soon! Even so, I'm still gonna really miss the old one. When Jason was in Egypt's Land… Let my Jason go.

That box of Tiny Teddies didn't last too long around here – Ben and I decided that they were far too bland for anyone's good, and we disposed of them. Useless bloody things – they weren't even any good for throwing at co-workers; not nearly enough mass !

One thing I nonticed about that teddies photo though – one of them appears to have holes in the back of his hands. Could this be some sort of religious allusion ? I suppose the difference between crucifying a human, and a pizza flavoured Tiny Teddy is that carrion birds will probably eat the human eventually.

2004-02-11 : Ferris Mortus Est