2004-01-30 : Big badda boom!

I tell ya what, I love a good exploding whale story as much as the next guy, but this is truly something else !

Click Here to read about a dead whale that exploded whilst being transported through Tainan, Taiwan on the back of a truck. But I warn you, don't do it before a major meal or if you're squeamish at the thought of seeing whale guts.

It doesn't quite have the humorous slant to it that the Exploding Whale in Lane County, Florida story did… but still I thought it was worth mentioning.

Why don't we get more Exploding Whale stories ??

Anyway, I'm off to Horsham this weekend to see Patrick's AWESOME band, “Attack of the Clowns”, play at Wilson's Nightclub. And do a bunch of other stuff probably too.

Have a good weekend !!

(Incidentally, cheers to Ben from work for alerting me to the whale thing. That's just gold, my friend !)