2003-12-16 : On the topic of silly photos:

I couldn't let my brother's buttocks take “pole position” in this weblog (OK, there's possibly a better phrase I could have used there, but moving on…!).

Several weeks ago now, a colleague of mine decided to go on a trip overseas to take in the sights, sounds and experiences of some other cultures. Naturally, all who were left behind got jealous.

And yea, Rodger did email us, telling us of his wacky adventures and various antics. And lo, did we plot revenge should the opportunity arise.

And then one day, Wilko was cleaning out the Cortina which he had duly purchased from Rodger, and within did he find ancient writings and pictograms. For in Rodger's moving preparations, he had neglected to safely stash the historical document that was his photoboard for his 21st birthday. Or it could have been his 18th. Don't know; doesn't matter.

And yea, did Stew, Wilko and Humpy find it to be hilarious, and arrange forthwith for the most amusing of these photographs to be scanned, and presented on the Interweb so that all may bask in its glory.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “The Sex Bomb”, Rodger:

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