2003-12-12 : Nice day for it…

Well well, today we had our staff Christmas picnic. I'd have to say, it was a pretty fine time, if not a little… umm… RAINY !

What's that all about, eh ? A cold, overcast, rainy day in DECEMBER for god's sake !? Only a couple of years ago it was averaging about 37!! Very strange.

In absolutely irrelevant news, I was just casting my eye about the room, and noticed that there was a thumping great spider reclining on the aquarium. Trapping him in a glass and returning him to the garden was a trivial task, but it was kinda interesting. He seemed really intent on watching those fish ! An entire fish probably makes quite a meal for a spider ! Makes a change from bloody insects, anyway.

And finally, Ben from work came up with ANOTHER corker of a song title for Pleasing Coral Tint's album. How's this: “Who the hell takes oysters to a picnic?”.

Oh yeah, incidentally… Fish are weird.