W1A Season 3

Mockumentary-style show about life working at the BBC, very much in the vein of Twenty Twelve, or by necessity of extension, The Games. Whilst it really hits home if you know anyone who does work at the Beeb, the hyperextension of modern workplace bullshit is a symphony of delicious to anyone in a corporate office in 21st century Britain. Sublime, and season 3 was the perfect way for them to finish this off. 👍👍


W1A (2014)

Genres: Comedy
Created by: John Morton
Starring: Hugh Bonneville, Monica Dolan, Jessica Hynes, Sarah Parish
Episodes / Seasons: 14 / 3
First aired: Wednesday 19th March, 2014
Runtime: 30min
The follow-up to 'Twenty Twelve' as Ian Fletcher takes up the position of 'Head of Values' at the BBC. His task is to clarify, define, or re-define the core purpose of the BBC across all its functions and to position it confidently for the future, in particular for Licence Fee Renegotiation and Charter Renewal in 2016 and 2017 respectively.
Networks: BBC Two
Production Companies: BBC Two

Cast W1A

  • Hugh Bonneville
  • Role: Ian Fletcher
  • Monica Dolan
  • Role: Tracey Pritchard
  • Jessica Hynes
  • Role: Siobhan Sharpe
  • Sarah Parish
  • Role: Anna Rampton
  • Hugh Skinner
  • Role: Will Humphries
  • Nina Sosanya
  • Role: Lucy Freeman
  • Jason Watkins
  • Role: Simon Harwood
  • Jonathan Bailey
  • Role: Jack Patterson
  • Ivan Gonzalez
  • Role: Jerry Guildencrantz
  • Ophelia Lovibond
  • Role: Izzy Gould
  • Max Olesker
  • Role: Ben Rosenstern
  • Rufus Jones
  • Role: David Wilkes

Crew W1A

  • John Morton
  • Writer

Seasons W1A

  • Season 1
  • Air date: Wednesday 19th March, 2014
  • Episodes: 4
  • Season 2
  • Air date: Thursday 23rd April, 2015
  • Episodes: 4
  • Season 3
  • Air date: Monday 18th September, 2017
  • Episodes: 6