I got introduced into the one by Tom at work, who it eventually transpired had never actually watched it. No idea what that says about anything.

Real-life siblings Daisy May and Charlie Cooper head up this show as Kerrie and Lee “Kurtan” Mucklow – young-ish residents of a Cotwsold village, in this everyday-life-characters mockumentary style comedy, strongly reminiscent of Chris Lilley’s work on We Could Be Heroes.  The undereducated/underprivileged pair explain to the doco crew the various challenges and pitfalls of village life, and their interactions with the other residents – sympathetically headed up by vicar Rev. Francis Seaton.

It’s an odd show – it’s hard to build any sort of empathy with the characters because they’re almost uniformly unpleasant in some way, and there’s lots of small-scale screwing over of each other. Product of circumstance, or their own actions? Hard to know. Probably both. Aside from the vicar, I don’t think these are good people.

In the cold light of day it’s an unusual setup for a sitcom, but there was something naively charming about it. 👍

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