Not content with watching every Dwayne Johnson FILM we could get our hands on, it seems we’ve also turned our attention to his TV work as well.  This is a feats-of-strength-and-endurance challenge show with various games with ridiculous names (“Atlas Smash” / “Lunar Impact” / “Hammering Ram”) which either seem to be over in less time than in took to watch the contestants’ bio VTs, or which drag on interminably and you watch the limits of human endurance (and patience).  In each of the heats you’re then treated to a male and female running of the course, “Mount Olympus” – a series of events which you can’t help but feel for the people afterwards because it looks UTTERLY BUGGERING.  And Dwayne presides over the lot sporting a shit-eating grin, and having the time of his life.  Great fun.

The Titan Games
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