Having a tiny baby to feed naturally lends itself to having The Simpsons on in the background, which explains how I mainlined this whole season in 2 weeks.  I’m really, really impressed by these last couple of seasons – given that it’s a show that started in 1989, here in 2022 they’re turning out interesting and innovative couch-gags (including collabs with other artists), they’re turning up quite a lot of musical sequences (often very non-sequitur), and they’re tapping into contemporary culture (e.g. a story about the genesis of Krustyburger turned into a Succession pastiche, or Marge & friends got obsessed with a “highbrow British show”, which turned out to be a Bridgerton-esque excuse to drink cocktails – “The Earl of Sixpackia”).

The Simpsons – Season 33
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