It’s plausible that I’ve seen more than just Season 11 of GBBO this year – Liz has undergone rather a deep dive on the franchise, following my presenting her with a Kitchen Aid last Christmas… so I suppose I’ve been in the room for a fair chunk of it. But I’d say Season 11 is the first/only one I’ve watched in completion.  It also formed part of a live-watching/chat series with some friends during the Autumn lockdown, where we’d all watch it and make sarcastic Gogglebox-style commentary at each other via WhatsApp, using a group title inspired by our friend Pamela’s revelation of the show’s informal Glaswegian title: “C*nts wi’ Cakes”.

So I think I’m genuinely none the wise about baking, other than that it looks frigging difficult and I’ll stick with my Marcus Wareing cookbooks for the time being. We learned that Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas aren’t really that funny.  And I’ll never forget Laura getting *absolutely covered* in various baking substances.

The Great British Bake Off – Season 11
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