I accidentally found my way into liking this show back in 2019 and we’d been periodically checking to see if there was any more on the way… With great delight we found Season 5 on a streaming service, and started watching the recap – only to realise we’d COMPLETELY missed Season 4!

I love how self-aware this show is, and the way they do things like monkey with the opening sequence to convey a theme (e.g. all of the explosions happening backwards in the episode where Diane finds herself in an alternative reality where Hilary Clinton won the election).   Season 4 was a short one – I guess necessitated by the pandemic – and felt like it jumped around a bit, but as we had the opportunity to binge it before heading into Season 5 it was a very welcome reacquaintance with the gang from Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart. 👍

The Good Fight – Season 4
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